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Sandwiched was performed June 7th through the 15th at EPAC in Endicott, NY


Download the Playbill Here.

Synopsis of the show below, see photographs of rehearsals.

“Sandwiched” is based on a true story about a ‘baby boomer’ (Bonnie) who is caught between needing to help her aging parents and feeling she has to provide some assistance to her adult children. An ‘only child’, Bonnie struggles throughout the play to challenge the demands made on her by family members. She is not thanked for the help she provides but is criticized when she tries to withdraw support.

The setting is in the present time and is reflective of the political and economic conditions of today. Both the elder and younger generations express and defend their respective positions about how they are handling life in light of current circumstances. Care of the aging is a sub theme. Humor relevant to the situation is sprinkled throughout the play.


Here is the cast and director hard at work during a rehearsal.





As they say – ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. This topic is current and relevant to nearly every family these days. This is a show you want to see!

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“Sandwiched” is based on a true story.

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